Lean Practices, Inc. specializes in services and tools for helping companies get lean and stay lean.

Being "lean" means running operations with the least amount of resources being wasted. By focusing on the elimination of waste, enterprises are able to boost productivity at all levels, while reducing operating costs - simultaneously!

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Visual Method Sheets (VMS) are visual process documents that show the step-by-step instructions using a combination of pictures and words. Click here to learn more about visual documentation and VMS Factory® software

by Serena Software

Map, Track and Enforce any process, anywhere in your business. This web-architected tool shows users all their tasks on the user's own home page. The owner performs their task and then 'sends' the task on to the next owner, as defined in your process, by simply clicking a few buttons. Eliminates waste and minimizes mistakes. Click here for more information on TeamTrack® software

Consulting Services:

  • Lead Your Organization to Lean
  • Train Your Team on How to Implement Lean in Your Organization
  • TeamTrack® Implementation
  • Accelerated Improvement Workshop (Kaizen)
  • Creating Visual Process Documentation quickly and effectively
Why build an inflexible cleanroom when you can have Class 100 at .5 micron clean space in 15 square foot increments? Introducing the TF-3000® Mini-Environment by StratoTech Corporation. Portable, modular "cleanroom in a box". Designed to be linked together side-to-side or back-to-back for continuous flow operations while maintaining cleanliness standards.

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